Thursday, March 25, 2010

USM Football 83

Gameday at "The Rock"!!! The stadium was originally opened on October 29, 1932 as "Faulkner Field", It was named for local businessman L.E. Faulkner, who financed the materials and equipment for the stadium, which was built for free by local jobless workers during the Great Deprssion.permanent concrete stands which also housed dormitory space for student-athletes were built on the east side of the field, with the help of Southern Miss football players hauling the concrete. It was from this that the stadium received the nickname "The Rock" (in reference to prison work crews -- none of which were used to build the stadium).
Many games have been won in The Rock and many games have been lost. Players of the USM football team dont take losing in The Rock very well. Blood, sweat, and tears are shed in the rock day after day during season and the off season. So playing in The Rock to the USM players and coaches is special. Each game is played like its the last, playing tougher and harder than ever before.